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About European Boxers
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Boxers are Family Dogs.

Find out why we love our boxers.


I enjoy my Boxers because they are crazy, loveable, affectionate,

energetic, loyal, and want to interact with the family.

A Boxer is a playful breed, a boxer that is not playful, is just not a

Boxer. Like I said it wants to interact with your family because a Boxer doesn't see itself as being a dog it sees itself as a member of your family. His/her personality is a unique and very enjoyable one but you should be aware that the Boxer is not for everyone! Boxers need a lot of attention. If you do not exercise and challenge them they can become bored and destructive. Obedience is a must for any Boxer owner due to their strength and size. But like with any breed, a well-behaved pet is a joy to live with.


Obedience and confermation shows are also an item that the Boxer likes to do, if the owner is prepared to the sometimes nervereck situations on these shows, because remember, not always the best one wins at these shows!


*Boxers adore children, however because of their size and enthusiasm they can go way overboard by approaching little children and can knock children over by accident. So therefore always supervise children when they are with your boxer because no matter what you're dealing with an animal.


*Boxers can be also very stubborn and my advice to new owners is to always have patience, patience, patience! Because with their intelligency they also can and  think and make their own decisions.


*Don't think by getting a larger breed that you don't have to deal with

having a "lap dog" because if you think this than a boxer is not the right breed for you! Between 60 or 90 pounds, a boxer is a very cuddly dog and needs to be with his owners and “THEY LOVE TO SIT ON YOUR LAP”!


I am in love with my boxers!

So for me it’s very important to find new owners for "MY BABIES" who will love and enjoy my boxers the way I enjoy them.


Please enjoy my website and feel free to contact me with any questions, but please don't forget:



Once a Boxer, always a Boxer!!!!!!!


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We Love our European Boxers!

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