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White Boxers
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Here are some photos of White boxers to share with you. For lots of important information about White Boxers please see below.


Karly and Her Breeder Lizeth

Unfortunately, the White Boxer has been the cause of much controversy among breeders and owners for quite some time.   We hope the information in this brief article will help dispel any myths that you have heard about the White Boxer.

White Boxers are not caused by genetic birth defects. Just as human hair color is the product of the combined genetics of the human parents so too is the color of a Boxer's coat a product of the genetics contributed by both the father and mother. The exclusively white coat is created when both the mother and father are carriers of the gene that makes up the white coat and the offspring inherits the white coat gene from both the father and the mother. In every way the puppy is the same as all of it's siblings, with all the energy, personality, and spirit that make them boxers.

White Boxers are not albinos. Albinos completely lack pigment. This is evidenced by pink eyes, and a complete lack of color anywhere on the body. Most white boxers have some spots on their skin (which can be seen due to their short white coats) and have some markings around their nose and mouth. Some white boxers have colored markings in their coat (brown spots around an eye or on the back etc). All white boxers have pigment in their eyes, this alone rules out albinism as the cause of their whiteness.

Approximately twenty to twenty-five percent (and this is an estimation as exact records have not been maintained) of all Boxer puppies are either white or almost all white, making white puppies neither 'rare' nor 'unusual.'" Since the white coat color is recessive, both parents need to be a carriers of the gene that creates white offspring. The boxer breed standard stipulates that two-thirds of the body be either fawn or brindle in color. Because of this limitation, white boxers do not meet the breed standard and are therefore frequently euthinized at birth. Many breeders feel that white Boxers are inferior to standard colored Boxers and have more health problems that standard colored boxers and therefore this genocide is easily dismissed. White Boxers are allowed to be registered  on limited privilege.

The problem is that many local breed clubs have a philosophy and still have by-laws calling for the euthinization of any white offspring. It is for this reason that there is much controversy over white Boxers with no end in site. It is a positive sign though that an increasing number of breeders are electing to place their non-standard boxers in pet homes rather than destroying them. It is for the same reason that there is inadequate research to either substantiate or dissuade the claims that white Boxers are more prone to problems than standard boxers. The only claims that seem to have merit is that white Boxers are more likely to sunburn and white Boxers (like many other breeds with similar loss of pigment problems) are more prone to deafness in one or both ears. Neither of these reasons provides a compelling argument for the necessary destruction of these animals.

Hopefully, with the increasing number of breeders placing these dogs in pet homes, we can finally establish some substantial research into white Boxers.

A trio of white Boxers

White Boxer Myth and Fact:

White Boxers are rare.

Approximately 20 - 25% of all Boxers are born white. In fact, some of the first foundation dogs for the Boxer breed were white. Since White Boxers do not conform to the breed standard, many are euthanized by breeders (for example: many stud owners make the dam owners sign a contract that all whites will be put down at birth, before they will agree to breed and many breeders just take it upon themselves to put down white pups at birth).
As a matter of fact because of putting the label off  "RARE" on these white boxers, unscrupulous breeders,
backyard breeders and puppy millers, and even some pet stores bill them as such and add a hefty price tag! 

White Boxers develop more health problems and are sicker than other Boxers.

Because a Boxer is white does not mean that it is going to be unhealthy. No clinical evidence has been recorded showing the White Boxer at higher risk for health problems.  Many whites are born without problems and stay trouble-free for the duration of their lives. In most ways these angels aren't much different than the other puppies in their litters. When problems do occur, they can occur in non-whites as well, but due to this seeming to have been less interesting to acknowledge in the past, it is difficult to find clear statistics about the white/nonwhite issue. 

All White Boxers are deaf and are not trainable.

Although there is a higher incidence of deafness when a Boxer is white (approximately 18% of whites), not all are deaf. Deaf Boxers can be trained using a variety of methods including hand signals, sign language, flashlights and more. Training any Boxer, hearing or deaf, requires time, patience and understanding.

White Boxers are "mean".

White Boxers are not "mean". Coat color on a Boxer does not affect a Boxer's personality. White Boxers exhibit the same endearing personality traits as their darker counterparts.

White Boxers are albinos.

White Boxers are not albinos. Albino dogs do not have any pigment. White Boxers are simply born with white hair.

White Boxers cannot be registered.

White Boxers can be registered on limited privilege with the Kennel Club. However, they cannot be shown in the conformation ring, but they can be shown in obedience. It has been said that, if they were bred, they might simply "spoil the color markings" that people had worked so hard to develop. The answer is not quite so simple.
There is so much more to the question of breeding whites. If you do not have the experience and knowledge as a breeder and are looking just to breed your boxer once because " it's so cute those little puppies" the answer is quite simple...Don't breed a white boxer.... 

There is a lot of information about white boxers on the net, good and not-so-good. Use compassion and common sense when reviewing this issue.


As a breeder of this wonderful breed i have among my 6 adults, one white one called Ghost (see pictures of him on this site), he is a crazy loveable fool, he's is build according to the breed standards, has no health and/or hearing problems whatsoever and because it's a big No No among breeders  to say that you have white ones means that I have to hide this very nice looking dog? I don't think so!!!!!! I will not put puppies down simple for the fact that they have the wrong color!!!!!
********* Special thanks to all the boxer owners and breeders of the "Blije Boxerforum" for letting me use their pictures of the white boxers.*********P.S. Most of the pics on this site, are showing white boxers from europe and that's why most of the boxers have a tail because in europe there is a non-cropping and non-docking law, i prefer the natural hanging ears, leave the declaws on and since the new regulation in Nova Scotia in regards of non-docking my puppies also come with tail!*******

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We Love our European Boxers!

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